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Our Mission

The mission of the NCCS Spatial Analytics Platform is to support NASA scientists and partners by providing a centralized and highly available geospatial platform that: 1) is tightly integrated with NCCS’s high performance computing capabilities; 2) accelerates collaborative analytics through the use of advanced visualization and custom applications; and 3) can process vast amounts of data without significant performance degradation.

Our Capabilities

The items below are only a small sample of the services we provide for NASA scientists and partners. If you have a specific question, please Contact Our Team and we will follow up with you to obtain more information about your specific requirements.

Example Web Application

Data Hosting and Management

Leverage the NCCS Spatial Analytics Platform to host your data and integrate with NCCS's collection of more than 7 petabytes of digital information. Services including high availability, redundancy, and data backup are core to any NCCS enterprise deployment.

Geospatial Analysis

Powered by the NCCS Advanced Data Analytics Platform (ADAPT), the Spatial Analytics Platform supports clustered servers for parallel processing of large geospatial analytical tasks. Furthermore, the Platform is preloaded with the latest in COTS and Open Source GIS technology.

Application Development

From a simple web application built in Esri's Portal for ArcGIS to custom applications built with WebAppBuilder, AppStudio, and 3rd party frameworks, our team can reduce time-to-market by selecting the right tool for the job. In the event a more custom solution is required, a stand-alone, responsive application can be built that assimilates services from multiple sources (NCCS and others) and displays them in an intuitive way.

Contact Us

The NCCS GIS Team is here to help. Feel free to contact us with your requirements, technical issues, and all things geospatial.

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Curator: James Shute
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